This character belongs to TheDragonEmpress

Meulin Striker
"Meow ;3"
Princess of the Cats
Gothic Role Player
The Copycat
Important Information
Gender Female
Family The Kitten (Mother)

David Striker (Father)

Status Alive
Eye Color Black/Very Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'9
Age 16
Affiliation Heroes Island
Weapons Teeth and Claws
Power Shape Shifting (People)
Home Heroes Island
Quests None


Meulin is a shy and quiet girl. She doesn't say much but she always smiles. She rarely gets angry but when she does, watch out! She loves to role play and dress up as different characters she makes up. One of her favourites is Ms. Kitty who is a stealthy cat. Meulin also shape shifts into people and think their looking at themselves in a mirror. She can copy other peoples moves which she's been practising for quite a while now.





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